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This is where the party is at! There are lots of ideas here for you to take a look at but you wont find pictures of 3 balloons on a weight! Why not? Because you must know what they look like everyone does. No, we decided that if you wanted a 3 balloon bouquet for your event then you would just pick up the phone and order them - simples! So instead we have a gallery full of some of the fun creations we have been asked to make for people celebrating all kinds of events; Birthday Balloons, School Proms, University Balls, Anniversary and Retirement Celebrations and also a couple of party's that were “Party for Party’s Sake” - not everyone needs a reason to let their hair down and P A R T Y!

Whatever the reason you are looking at this particular page, then give us a call and let us come up with some fabulous ideas to make your party go with a bang or a pop - we do have exploding balloons too!

We also have a new product which is  our Happy Birthday neon signs - these can be added to any order for £35 hire. We can arrange to have bespoke ones made so please send us  a message and we can get a price for you on this